Celebrating All Forms of Wire Art Jewelry

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I thought it might be good to have a thread where we can post a list of our favorite tutorials.  (My all time fav!) (Most of this site is geared to his wire sculpting program, but he does have a good selection of free patterns)


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If you want to get started in wire jewelry, you can benefit from those step-by-step tutorials. The only catch is, when you learn from someone with a distinctive style, you're at risk of adopting their style instead of creating something unique to your own self.

To create your own style and technique, try my free online "Innovative Wire Sculpture Workshop" in which I distill 37 years' experience pioneering my own form of wire sculpture.

Elizabeth Berrien

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I have a page in my site's new jewelry making section of links to tutorials with my comments on many of them.


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Here are a few of my favorite tuts.
Prong cab setting:
Pulled wire cab setting:
Koil Kutter how to:

Maybe these could be added to the resources page?


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In response to request by art educators -  here's my new tutorial, "Teaching Innovative Wire Sculpture".


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Reply with quote  #6   Tutorials by Remy  

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OK, to add to the list,  I have several free tuts on my site at:




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Celebrating All Forms of Wire Art Jewelry

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